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Our mission is to provide you with office furniture solutions that create productive eco-friendly workspaces that inspire and harness potential, all at a reasonable price


Founded in 1986 we are an experienced manufacturer with factories in Taiwan supplying a global market. Over 30 years of designing and manufacturing office furniture enables us to control our products quality, performance, durability and price and keep high standards with minimal exposure to subcontractor and supply chain disruptions.  We are constantly adapting to the advancements in materials and manufacturing to bring the right products to market.


We believe sustainability is a fundamental component of good design, we minimise environmental impact by creating long lasting products that use the right materials and with Greenguard Certification by UL labs you can feel secure knowing our products meet the toughest indoor air quality standards. 


We believe our people make the difference.  Our experienced internal design teams are here to help,  they are constantly improving our products, maximizing functionality while maintaining style.  They will tailor your work environment to reflect your organization and can assist you in customizing any product to meet your specific needs for high volume orders.  

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