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a Sit-Stand Desk

Introducing our latest sit-stand desks developed with height-adjustable frames, with a more stable and dependable stand than ever. 


We are bringing innovative designs and greater safety and performance regarding desk loading, stability, racking, leg strength, and range.


All adjustable desks have far-reaching adjustability, allowing to accommodate some of the shortest users up to the tallest people.


You’re guaranteed a smoother, quieter, and more balanced desk. 

Our adjustable desks have multi-stage legs, allowing a faster and broader range of motion. 


Each framework in conjunction with any chair or stool, according to your comfort. Desks are equipped with anti-collision sensitivity to avoid pressing down on a stationary object while moving


The same adjustable frames are available with different tabletops, allowing you to have the same great performance and comfort for any design and color.


Our desks adapt to the way you work and complement the overall look of your office.

tablestand3.193 copy.jpg


Our team is dedicated to helping you create an environment so you can make great things happen. Our innovative designs support comfort, efficiency, and creativity for your working station.


Shifting position from sitting to standing allows you to get your mind off an uncomfortable position for a prolonged period. Standing desks allow your blood and creative juices to keep flowing. 

Having the right working position eliminates any confusion or frustrating vibes. Adjustable height desks are thought to align your computer and set the screen to the right height, keep your chin up, relieve back pain, harmonize your desk height with your chair.


Every detail counts. We make it happen.

 Improve your performance with an adjustable height desk

Whether you plan to use an ergonomic chair, a stool, or even a treadmill, the height of your workstation needs to be perfect to align your elbows, shoulders, back, and sight. Getting a sit-stand desk allows you to get the strain off your body from a bad posture and get back in focus.


Adjusting the height of the worktable is as easy as pushing one button. Soft to the touch and intuitive, the mechanism allows you to adjust the height seamlessly. 


All desks are equipped with height presets to allow programming sitting and standing heights. 


Easy. Smooth. Elegant.

Standing and sitting

The fundamental principle is that a sedentary lifestyle and the physiological changes that ensue are harmful to us. There is a lot of evidence linking physical inactivity to higher morbidity and mortality.


In short, if you’re in better shape, you’re less likely to die. However, the negative effects of sitting are not reversed by exercise. The metabolic changes induced by sitting are not simply reversed by being active. 


Sitting also increases the pressure in your lower back, compared to standing. 


Have you ever noticed that your back hurts more when you sit for prolonged periods?

No surprise when we observe that standing expends more energy than sitting. 


Empirical studies show that standing reduces lower back pain and improves cholesterol and blood pressure due to a slight increase in physical activity.


These studies further show an increase in general wellbeing, creativity, and improvements in psychological ease. It seems that there are no detrimental effects to focus or productivity linked to prolonged periods of standing, although there is no evidence of clear physiologic changes.


Although standing desks is not an answer to a sedentary lifestyle, it can help make you feel better.

Get a professional office at home

We have your perfect work at home solutions: Elegant and professional sit-stand desks.


Why choose between a sitting desk or a standing desk? Have both.


Improve the general look of your working environment along with your performance at home with an adjustable height desk. 


With a simple and sleek design, combined with seamless adjustability and greater stability, our electric standing desks will transform your working environment. Give yourself the freedom of movement at the push of a single button.


User experience is at the core of all our model designs. We want you to enjoy your work experience with a good-looking, sturdy, and adjustable desk.

Sit-stand remote systems

All systems to adjust the height of the desks are ultra-intuitive. At the single push of a button, The desk will adjust to the programmed preset. 


Don’t want your kid to play with your adjustments?


Desks have the option to block adjustments from the sit-stand application. This allows you to set the height presets and child-proof the adjustments so your toddler does not play with your desk.

Desk converters vs standing desks

A cheaper and widespread alternative to standing desks is desk converters. These mechanisms are a smaller adjustable desk that you put on top of your desk, mainly useful to bring the monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a better standing height. 


They usually come assembled, straight out of the box, and ready to use. They are the alternative to someone who is not ready to buy a standing desk.


Desk converters, as opposed to standing desks, do not allow the full comfort and efficiency of a higher work table. You cannot lean on it nor have multiple screens on the structure. The small surface does not allow elbow or shoulder support to rest your forearms.


Although it might sound like a good deal for standing up, we believe that it cuts out too many benefits of the traditional standing desk.

The comfort of an electric sit-stand desk

We know sitting all day causes a great deal of tension on the lower back, shoulders, and neck. But so does standing all day. Sit down for too long and you feel back and neck pain. Stand up for too long and your ankles, knees, and hips are exhausted. Those feelings can cause lots of distractions and impede your performance. 


Studies show that while you should be standing for a couple of hours every day, you should, more importantly, move around. Having an electric sit-stand desk is the solution to changing your position for optimal concentration and comfort. The electric motors are smooth, reliable, and come with presets. 


Be able to sit and stand at will without losing focus.


Our electric standing desks allow these kinds of fast and flawless transitions so you stay on top of your work.

Easy to operate

Sit-stand desks available today on the market vary from manual to electric. Although there might be a price difference, manual standing desks are prone to have a cheaper frame and cheaper materials. Also, the manual lever is rarely smooth to operate, which can lead to premature wear.


Should you choose to invest in an adjustable desk, we recommend you buy a product that will last longer and run smoother. Note that all our desks come with a warranty for a couple of years so you can enjoy your new workspace as it was designed for a long time.


Electric desks are easier to use, more reliable, and more efficient than manual ones. The price difference is greatly compensated by the quality and durability.


Thinking about investing in an adjustable height desk? Check out our selection.


How does desk stability

make a difference?

A majority of standing desks and height adjustable desks are not quite stable at higher heights, which causes them to wobble. This also increases over time as screws loosen up. This creates a higher risk of making unstable objects fall and make your monitor shake if you type too hard. 


Note that our adjustable desks have the right systems and are built to avoid any shaking when moving or when you work standing up.


An important attribute of our design is that we ensure a proper front-to-back balance. This benefit of the desk avoids rocking or having an improper angle. Even with forty pounds of weight shifted towards the back of the desk, you are ensured to have a stable workspace.


Our desks are rock solid at virtually any height and can hold up to 80kg.

Desk accessories for electric standing desks

To take the load off your joints, be more productive, and have proper lumbar support, we recommend you complement your workstation with ergonomic accessories. These can vary from having an ergonomic chair, to a performance keyboard or mouse and a proper desk cabinet.


An ergonomic chair allows proper back and neck support. It’s not only about sitting down and being relaxed; efficiency is about being aligned all day to keep the creative juices flowing without being distracted by exhaustion or pain.


An adequate keyboard and mouse can relieve pain in your fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. They allow you to type and work according to the natural position of your body, instead of being crooked and hunched-up.


Having the right filing cabinet will ensure you are organized. Leaving loose pieces of paper on your desk can only be a distraction and impede your concentration. 


Keep a clean and ergonomic workspace to support your focus and performance.

Office furniture that complements your standing desk

An organized workspace is an organized mind.


It’s time to organize all your office supplies in one place. No need to leave them scattered across your desk anymore. Avoid distractions and treat your office organization the same as you would want your efforts to be focused. 


We help you keep your assets secure and safe while having a beautiful workspace arrangement.


Our desk cabinets are made from durable steel and come with a keylock for optimal durability and file protection. 


Our selection of cabinets offers the organization solution for hanging folders and important data. Also, they are designed to file standard letters and legal documents.


The ball bearings slide perfectly to allow easy and smooth openings. 


Our choice of cabinets match the color of the desks and slide easily under the table. 


They are elegant, reliable, and durable. Perfect for your home office.

Fast shipping or local pick up

You can pick up your order for free in Cornwall, Ontario (Canada).


Otherwise, any order above $1,200 and is eligible to free shipping to any location in the contiguous United States of America. 

Impeccable customer service

Making your work environment exceptional is part of our mission and we don’t take it lightly. That’s why :

  • All of our desktops have a 2-year warranty; 

  • All of our desk frames have a 5-year warranty and;

  • All electrical components and motors have a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


We are happy to serve you if you have any questions regarding your order, shipping, assembly, defects, or any other way we can help get your working experience better.



“Sitting is the new smoking”... “You are sitting your way to the grave”.


You’ve heard them all.


We know that feeling of having sharp lower back pain after a long day sitting down working in a hunched-up position. That’s what sitting all day does. 

Varying our working position from sitting to standing enables us to shift our discomfort while breaking our rhythm and staying sharp and productive.


Welcome adjustable height desks.


Join our hundreds of happy customers and many thousands of standing-up enthusiasts, in this new way of working at home. 


Our team is dedicated to helping every person in their home office to thrive and accomplish their best work while keeping prices low and quality high. We want you to have a great, reliable, and comfortable workstation so you can deliver your best. 

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